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Seneca Auction: LAUNCHED!

December 25, 2013

[UPDATE 12/17: Seneca is being repaired. Local volunteers are fixing it up with donated materials and help from the new owner. Hooray! It was close to falling down after nothing happened in first years after being sold.)

[UPDATE 7/11/14: SOLD. Well, sold for awhile now. We have had a buyer for Seneca for a few months. We are presently sorting through final paperwork.)

[UPDATE 2/18/14: Best offer stands at $240k. Wrapping up any day now. Last call!)

We launched the auction of Seneca in-house as of yesterday, Christmas Eve. (In the midst of a power outage ice storm here.) If you want in, just ask. I can email you all needed paperwork.

It'll run thru Feb. 15, giving time to visit Seneca. (We can arrange a tour and admission into the bar, if needed.)

The Craigslist ad is still up at: goldcountry.craigslist.org/reo/4311274924.html -- and has much helpful info. (NOTE: Ad has been renewed at a new link. Just search!)

Who knows what new story the ongoing life of Seneca will soon tell!

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