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Shades of Gold

October 21, 2008

It's rainy today, but here's the view from my desk window.

It's glowing in shades of gold.

The "featured shot" is the view from our front porch. I get almost the same view from my desk window except that thru the window it's a telephoto-ized view, with layers of gold and depths of yellow as I look thru yellow trees into more yellow trees. Let's see if I can catch some of that, too...

I also like how the golden pine needles and leaves seem to frost the yard grass.

It's rainy and humid. But what a lovely day. It's inviting. It's a good, needed, gentle, warm fall rain. I suppose I prefer it when it's glowing bright, but it's glowing now, too, even in the rain. I think I'll get out there asap...maybe even try to talk a young'un into joining me, dare 'em... It's such a special time of year. Or is it just me?

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