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"Silent Sports" Mag: Traverse City & Keweenaw, June 2009

June 01, 2009

$0 (Inc S/H)

[$5. SOLDOUT!] I just received the new issue of "Silent Sports" magazine.

I also have ONE COPY to resell as a sample. First come, first served!

You can get an easy taste of the mag this way. Then subscribe if ya like it!

"Silent Sports" is the only magazine dedicated to a downhome approach to human powered sports out there. I'm pretty sure. It's not about the elites, it's about what you can do and see via the huge diversity of outdoor activities, all without breaking the bank or getting all obsessed about it. It applies its "everyday" approach to bike, canoe, kayak, XC ski, run, triathlon, adventure race, fitness, hiking activities.

"SS" covers the Midwest beat, with an emphasis on Wisconsin and Minnesota, but Chicago is included as is Michigan. ...But I think it's a national important mag.

Current news, trails, places to go, events, training, and stand-out features is "how" the "what" and "where" mentioned above is presented.

"SS" has been out there since 1984.

Here's a link to their homepage: silentsports.net

The 72-page June issue includes features on:

*Copper Harbor trails report from the Keweenaw
*Traverse City outdoor attractions
*profile of the Chicago River
*changes in the inline racing scene
*profile of new canoe heritage museum in Wisconsin
*two reports on quality eating habits and obesity (the tips on eating an apple 15 minutes before a meal and having soup as a snack as ways to reduce overall calorie intake both seemed darn good)

(plus a half dozen regular columns and a thick Midwest summer events schedule)

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