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Stylish, robust pocketknives for cheap

November 12, 2004

For those on a budget, "The Knife Domain" is a website with cheap nifty knives. I bought two Rough Riders: a slimmish one with clip, $9; and a suave one with finger guards, $7--they're nice. Even these cheapies give a lot of craftsmanship and click-snap bang for the buck. One-hander linerlocks with clips are very handy and inspire one to fiddle with their knife. I recommend the small, slim Spyderco Delica for everyday carry (EDC) or the Endura for more heft. The stylish Kershaw Leek must be seen to be believed (the Rainbow is awesome). Here are some lovely $60 kits. These Frenchies are simply gorgeous. Here's a guy who beautifully customizes Swiss Army Knives. Speaking of SAK, their new Trekker (w/ 1-hand blade) and Midnight Manager (pen, lite, opener, phillips) are thrifty must-haves. (Check out the SwissFlame lighter-knife and the Voyager alarmclock-knife.) Nowhere else in highperformance craftsmanship can you get so much value so cheap as you can with knives.

Here's a nice French knife that you can get from "Cutlery-To-Go"...

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