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Summer is Here! --A Couple Tips to Make it Great!

May 20, 2012

It was HOT today -- 93F. And we decided to prep our front yard to be a garden. Ha! But it was nice that all four of us were out there working for awhile. I didn't realize it was so hot.

OK, here's my annual reminder about great ideas for turning humid weather into great fun:

*If you have a yard and don't have a pool yet, just get a 15' x 42" kiddie pool for a couple hundred bucks. It's saved me for years now. When I got hot, I just jump in. Easy to care for -- a little google and bleach will keep ya good.

*SHANDY! --Beer and lemonade. Great for the heat. Not as strong as beer, not as sweet as lemonade. Quenching, for sure!

*Gruener Veltliner -- cheap, fresh, zesty young "green" white wine from Austria -- perfect for fruits and salads. Try it and lemme know!

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