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Super Stereo Repair Tip! --Fix Your Blown Speakers

January 28, 2013

Don't throw away your old blown speakers. Revive 'em!

You can get confused with all the widely differing how-to out there. Also the parts sources can give interesting price ranges for what you're after.

Typically, you'll have rotted/missing/torn foam surrounds around the cones. And the cones might be torn. And the dust caps missing or pushed in.

But really what it boils down to is measuring the cone diameter and such and buying fresh foam surrounds of the same size to replace your rotted, missing, blown ones. I didn't have luck finding items to match the model of my speakers. I went by size. I used eBay and instead of paying $30 a pair I got mine for $7 mailed.

There's a lot of geeky audiophile debate about glue. Just use glue. Elmer's is fine.

To repair a paper cone, wet it with dilute Elmer's then soak a patch of coffee filter in dilute Elmer's and lay it over the rip. Should work fine.

Pull out dust caps with a bent pin. I'm still missing one. Dust? Who cares. Does it make a musical difference?

There's all sort of tricks. Just don't get flustered.

Instead of dumpstering the speakers that Kelvin built us for our wedding we fixed em. Took $15 and a half hour. And now they sound like new. Super!

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