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Sweet Daily Bike Comic: Welcome to the Kickstand Bike Shop

November 05, 2008

Here's a great daily comic about life at and around a new/old bike shop. Check it out!

It's drawn in glowing computerized yet classic colors.

It's about a bike shop and the new/old tensions around it. It includes a lot of insider nods and winks that bike geeks of all kinds might pick up on. I suppose, however, that most of the lines flow along the retro-geek versus the new-carbon divide. But just like in real life, at this bike shop it's not a real divide. The fast bike guy and the retro bike guy get along fine. They watch the same sunrises on the ride into work. The retro guy just likes to "spruce" up his bikes. And the fast guy likes a lean machine. Neither of them appreciate leaf blowers.

The strip is also about the tensions between the bike and The World. The shop guys wonder where it's all going to end...

It's all very tasty stuff!

Click away!

...Then donate some webcash to the artist!

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