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Team OYB: Nordhouse Dunes, Frankfort

July 28, 2011

To kick off our summer survey of the northwoods we first spent a week up at Petoskey State Park, where Martha did the Nub's Nob art fair with her LazyGal.com fabric art booth.

We met up with our 16 immediate Potter family for a few days at the campground.

Then we went home for me to catch up on shipping and Martha to sew more inventory.

On the day we were to leave I backed the truck up to the trailer, which was in the yard, and saw with shock that I didn't have a hitch anymore. It was gone, all 50 lbs of it. I figured I left the pin out and drove off and it was on a roadway somewhere. I called around town and lucked into a used $100 replacement. Drove back, inserted it, backed up again to the trailer then got my second shock when I noticed that my whole trailer wiring harness was also missing. Doh! Now, my truck-plug has a lid that stays open when not closed. It was closed. It struck me that I probably didn't drive off with a loose hitch and with my harness still attached. If I did, the plug-lid would still be open -- or, more likely, the harness would still be dangling from the back of the truck. It kinda seems like we were robbed. You can see the front of our trailer from the road. Ugh. But who knows, I suppose. So I went and bought wiring and another plug and we delayed departure a day and the next morning I laid under the trailer and rewired it into the remaining old wires, despite clashes in color-codes and not knowing what I was doing. It went fast and perfectly. Yeah!

So we went up to the Lake Michigan Recreation Area national forest park north of Ludington. It's a weird park. Nothing else like it in the state, I think. It's primitive, yet with sites. It's quiet. The sites are huge and cheap. They're right next to an endless beach and the Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness Area.

We relished frolicking in some huge bodysurfing waves -- getting long, full-torso-projecting rides.

Then we went and found our friends who were tenting in the dunes, one couple with their baby. They all had canoed down the beach a mile and set up a little village in the forest shade at the edge of the beach. Nice. Highly recommended. You can tent anywhere out there.

The next day Martha and the kids did the Frankfort CSA art fair.

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