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Team OYB: Our 4th Summer Home!

July 23, 2010

We recently moved the Team OYB Vintage Travel Trailer over to near Lake Leelenau at our friends Sue and Gary's house. It's our fourth stop on the Summer Art Fair Tour. 3 more to go!

They have a buncha acres and down near the end of their long dirt driveway is an old abandoned trailer home. I explored it the other day. It's dry inside! It looks like all it needs is a little cleaning and it'd make a dandy cottage.

We've been bikin' and swimmin'. The kids did their longest-ever ride yesterday -- to Traverse City on the lovely TART trail -- a rail-to-trail. Note: there's a few miles of dirt in the middle. Fine on plump tires. But then today the kids did their HARDEST ever bike ride. Henry didn't like it so much. It was a shock. I didn't know it would be SO HILLY. Thankfully we had a bailout option after 8 miles. Henry's saddle was also a bit low. He has insisted on riding a somewhat small bike. I finally raised it an inch. We should keep on raising it. (Then back it down after it feels too high.) Martha and the kids all have wide feet so the kids ride in crocs and M in clogs. It's a bit much for me to keep up with, or to comprehend in terms of normal bike lore. But a steep, long hill demands some ergonomics. Hopefully Ol' Hen hasn't soured on riding. He sure didn't see any upside to it today, though. But they both survived. Stronger tomorrow!

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