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Thanksgiving Snowstorm

November 25, 2004

We got dumped on the day before thanksgiving.

So on T-day, before we ate, I had the pleasure of shaking many bent-over saplings to free them from snow stress, shoveling my whole drive, clearing two cars, loading them with cement bags (rear wheel), splitting wood and starting a nice fire in the fireplace, clearing ski trails of heavy brush, skiing one loop, then having a turkey feast that the in-laws brought. They pulled into the driveway just as I finished it and could lift my arms no more.

Gramma brought a 51-lb turkey, because she always wanted to. For four adults. We barely scratched it. But we throw nothing away. It took 13 hours to cook and was steaming 5 hours later when they arrived at our place.

Here's another photo I'm happy to have taken that day. Anyone want holiday cards made from it? : ) (I think I could do it via CafePress.com.)

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