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The Internet's Awesome Fix-it Culture

October 24, 2017

I think it's so sweet how people help each other learn everything online, but especially on YouTube, and especially w beater car repair! Appliances, too. I love it! They ALWAYS get me to a fix!

Sometimes there's a 'donate' button -- I gladly pay!

The greasy burly repair dudes are hilarious, sitting on the ground by their torn-apart cars jacked up on the curb, explaining. They will put a camera on anything to share what they've figured out.

(I'm sure the ladies do this, too, but it seems like different topics. Yeah, this is a gendered scene! I doubt I'm being biased when I search for belt-tensioner repair but so far we're batting a strong 1000 for dudes on the YT! I have a faint recollection of one gal.)

I get a window into the lives of so many shade-tree mechanics as well as sponsored pro shop dudes doing everything to spec -- tho sometimes also w special tricks thrown in -- as well as very many English-as-second-language guys. With videos on old beater cars like ours, I'd say half the helpers are non-English. Immigrants!

...There are kids around, dogs around, semi-quiet camera-holders, people getting called to dinner.

The comments can be snotty but most are also trying to be helpful. The comments are actually mini-communities.

...Of course the whole internet is full of people trying to help each other for every possible thing one might have a question about. ...Everything!

...It's a global village! When I need little fixes for this custom old OYB website I shop em out and I end up working with people everywhere around the world! They tell me about a festival happening outside their window. Or about how they're getting married next week.

Sure there are black hats out there. ...And they help each other, too! (I've tracked down where they share info about how to break into my website! And that info has been tipped off to me by not-so-black hats out there!)

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