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Weird Fun Music, Michigan-Style

January 29, 2012

If you like weird Michigan music (synonymous?) you gotta check out the YouTubes (and CDs) that I've linked to here before.

No, Michigan isn't weird, it's special. Bold and distinctive. Doesn't mind being funny.

I won't link to 'em again because I see they're still there down below, but here's a quick runthrough of some basics...

(Feel free to add your own!)

*Ted Nugent's "Fred Bear" -- both acoustic and rockin' electric

*Frank Allison & the Odd Sox -- YT vids give a taste but ya really gotta get all the CDs, I mean it.

*Jag Panzer's version of The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald -- heavy metal boat song for a heavy event.

*Goober and the Peas -- Funky Cowboy -- kick it!

*Carl Behrend "More Legends of the Great Lakes" -- local spirit music -- nuttin' fancy -- just really good!

*EarthWork Music -- Seth and May and the Gang

*Steppin in It -- nonstop Lansing band (Green Door Mondays!)

*Bloodshot Records -- I'll include Chicago in this roundup. : )

*Robbie Fulks -- Chicago but we'll take 'im! Extremely clever and sassy...and rowdy...and pro. Catch him at a small venue near you -- if you're so lucky! If you visit Chicago, stay thru Monday and catch him at that local bar, the Hideout.

*Bumpus -- brass acoustic funk outta Chicago -- again, I'll take 'em. Saw 'em in Marquette. That works.

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