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What if OYB went Pro?

February 01, 2010

I just read a WSJ story about smallshop guys who offer knifesharpening services. The story spent most of its attention on evaluating the various levels of ordering/shipping service.

I wonder how much good it would do OYB if I could do same-day shipping and had a totally pro buying/shipping interface.

I wonder how many of my potential customers are turned off by the Homepun aspect of this project. Of course, OYB is *about* homespun reality. But maybe online shoppers enjoy reading about that, but they want 24/7 pro CS. Like, online shopping has some built-in worries that a pro interface makes disappear. I would hope that me being flesh'n'blood and being gungho doing onemanshow 100% satisfaction service for thousands of customers thru the WEB *since the Web started* would do the trick, but, again, given the Web, customers might not really know or sense or trust that.


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