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Ye Olde OYB Video Shop

January 09, 2005

This isn't your ordinary online video store. I don't list many titles.
And they're not usually very new. But I've watched them all and own many
of them and vouch for them. They each have exceptional strongpoints. Most
aren't well known. Quite a few are total sleepers. I thought I'd open this
little store to help push some good work that doesn't get attention. Basically,

these movies all have an OYB vibe to them.

It's amazing how cheap movies are. You can get many for about $5 used
here. But new is cheap, too. Just watch em a few times and you've already
saved compared to renting. And no late fees!

OYB gets a percentage of anything you buy at Amazon.shops after you start
from here, even if you don't buy one of my listed titles. So thanks for
pitching in!

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