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"Yukon Women" & More: fun Alaska songs!

February 07, 2011

Once upon a time I visited Alaska and someone there gave me a tape of a record called "Alaska Hit Singles." My tape is totally stretched now. Or something. All our players in the house are dead. But thank heavens one of the tunes is on YouTube.

I've recently ordered the record...from Germany, it looks like. Hasn't arrived. I really like a lot of the songs on the record so I gotta have it. No, all the songs. They've stuck with me for 25 years now so I need more than a stretched tape.

Here's a catchy version of "Yukon Women" that has some content to it. The player gal here kinda dashes it off -- maybe a bit nervous. The real version goes higher and lower and with more comedic drama. You can feel free to spruce it up as you like.


Ooh, I found another one:

"Get Up Dogs" by Buddy Tabor


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